How to Get a New Mercedes Key Fob

How to Get a New Mercedes Key Fob

Verify Proof of Ownership to Get a New Mercedes Key

If your Mercedes key fob has gotten lost, stolen, or broken, you may need a new key made for you. Or perhaps you’d like to create a spare so you don’t get stranded when you least expect it. Either way, when it comes to a newer Mercedes Benz key fob, it’s more than just a trip to the locksmith to get a new key cut.

Here is what you need to do to get a new Mercedes Benz key fob that is programmed directly to your vehicle.

(And no, you do not need to go to the Dealership!)

Find a Vehicle Locksmith with Mercedes Key technology.

Not every vehicle locksmith is able to professionally program Mercedes keys. Special equipment and processing must be involved, since it entails obtaining the correct key parts, programming the correct vehicle details into the chip, and effective, thorough testing of the key once it’s put together.

Verify your proof of ownership of your Mercedes Benz vehicle in compliance with National Automotive Service Task Force‘s Positive Identification Policy.

You’ll need to bring your driver’s license, car registration, and insurance information in addition to a filled-out NASTF Authorization of Automotive Key Generation form, which asks for your personal information as well as an odometer reading, purchase details, license plate number, etc.

Fortunately, while somewhat complicated or inconvenient, all these steps make it possible to:

  • Begin this process without needing the car to be present at the dealership or mechanic (which would often require a tow if your only key wasn’t working).
  • Ensure that someone else doesn’t try to make their own key for your vehicle!
  • Properly program your new key to access your particular vehicle. Otherwise, your new key wouldn’t be able to communicate with your car’s electronics and pass Mercedes’ top-of-the-line Driver Authorization System.

The predominantly computer-run systems of Mercedes Benz make it difficult for even the most proficient car thieves to be able to steal the car. Because of all the programming needed just to turn the car on with its corresponding key, the process of getting a new one does require a few steps of thorough verification.

Live in Orange County or San Bernardino County? Come by to get a new Mercedes Key made—or call for your mobile locksmith!

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