About Us

Meet John, Your Local Auto Technology Enthusiast.

John has been a technology addict for as long as he can remember. And as key fob remotes and proximity keys became more common for newer vehicles, especially for high-performance vehicles like Mercedes Benz, John immersed himself in the fascinating and fast-changing world of modern keys.

After learning the auto mechanics trade from the family business, John found it an exciting challenge working with the fast pace of technology as it became more and more common in newer cars. When other longtime mechanics were hesitant to work on later models as they became more computerized and module-based, he jumped at the chance. He also developed a particular affinity for Mercedes key tech, due to the company’s high-functioning electronic systems and unique key fobs.

Today John builds, repairs and diagnoses Mercedes transponder key fobs from his auto shop right off the 210 freeway in San Bernardino, CA, which is home base for his locksmith business and where he operates a AAA-certified auto garage. He is also frequently at his location near downtown Redlands, CA. But even if you aren’t anywhere near his San Bernardino shop, his key testing technology is mobile. He can come to you!

When he’s not making a beeline toward stranded Benzies to test their keys or batteries, John enjoys his home life with his wife and 5 kids.

Whether you need on-location assistance or you have a question about your Mercedes key, contact John for direct, straightforward service